Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Real Heartbreak

Awhile ago, I experienced my first real heartbreak with my… phone. Yes, the best buddy for almost 11 months now! I am using a black iPhone 4 bought October 2010. In that almost 11 months, we never had any problems with each other. I never experienced any trouble with it before. I almost adored my unit because it never failed me, even once.


So here’s the story about my ‘First Real Heartbreak’. After texting a friend, I put my phone down to my bed. Minutes later, it vibrated non-stop. I was thinking it was just my rich friend who’s been calling me the whole day (with 9 missed calls plus the ones from my other phone and the ones with our landline). I grabbed my phone and the screen was plain BLACK still vibrating! I tried pressing the ‘Home’and ‘Power/Unlock’ button, but nothing happened, continuous vibrating. I panicked and started thinking the worst (and when I say worst, catastrophe was an understatement).

I tried calling my service provider where I also bought my phone! The CSR advised me to bring the unit to the branch where I purchased it. Gosh, it comes with so much hassle I cried like baby while starring on my epileptic phone. I remembered looking for answer by asking my most reliable source of everything,Mr. Google, my savior.

I’ve got the answer to my prayer on the site of Apple itself. An account their says, I should long press the ‘Home’ and ‘Power/Unlock’ button together for about 10 secondsTADAAAAA!!! The Apple logo pops-in again and my phone was back to normal like nothing happenedThank God! The thought of not being able to use it again scared me to death. On the site, many were also filling complaints about it happening to their iPhones too. Some even happened 3 days after purchasing their unit. I was even lucky to experience the fear of losing my phone after 11 months.


How about you?! Have you ever experienced any problems with your iPhone?! Come share your stories and solutions to help others!


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