Monday, June 4, 2012

An Elf of E.L.F - Make-up Haul

When I was just starting on make-up (that was about December last year), I am on the look for a good brand with good products but won't hurt my wallet that much (as I am unemployed that time, HAHAHA!). In my search, I've been to different department stores and even drug stores. Then I find this small kiosk of E.L.F. that catches my eyes because of their lovely products! In an instant I was able to buy some because I find the products really nice plus the fact that most of them cost only Php 129.00 (isn't that cheap for a very good product?). From then on, I am always in love with E.L.F.( which stands for Eyes, Lips and Face)!

Now, look at my growing collection of E.L.F products! Planning of getting more soon because I still lack some of their good buys! 

Brightening Eye Colors. Among all the products of ELF, I can say that these are my favorite. Well, the picture shows how much I love them for me to get all available color here in the Philippines (how I wish they will release more colors)! I actually got them in different because I want to create an eye make-up that would easily go with what I am wearing. Plus the fact that I love the size of each palette which makes it easy to bring everywhere I want to go! I also love how each one has 4 different colors that can be use as 2-color-combination or a 4-color-combination-smokey-eye effect. This product for me is 10/10!

Beauty-To-Go Palette. This is my 2nd most adored product! I love how this palette is complete with the most essential make-up I need everyday for the eyes, lips, and face! It is very easy to bring everywhere and eats only a little space in my bag. I love that I have it in 2 colors (actually they have a lot and how I wish I can have them all, still drooling over the net each time I open their US website), 1 for daytime good for strolling the mall or by the beach and 1 for nighttime good for partying. And for the rating, again 10/10!

Everyday Eye Palette.One of the very first palette I ever bought for my self, this complete eyeshadow set just blow my heart out after I first tried using. I also love that it has instructions on how to put eye make-up (as I am a newbie), I can say that it is really very helpful. I can't think of anything bad the product have, from the quality of the shadow, to the packaging, and of course the price. For a Php 399.00, 12 lovely colors that I can actually use everyday that is really a bargain. So for me I'll rate this at again 10/10! 

Little Black Beautybook Eyeshadow Edition. My least favorite of them all, just because I hardly use them because all shadows are shimmers which is not my type for eye make-up. Well, my reason for buying this is, before I still don't know anything about make-up and Php 400.00 for 48 colors (about Php 9.00 per color), that's cheap.

Eyelid Primer and Eye Primer & Liner Sealer. They are my everyday eye primer. But depends on my mood which primer will I actually use, because they are both really good. My shadows stay all day and don't crease even after a day of events happened! As to the liner sealer, I don't use it even one because to be honest I don't know its use (poor me, HAHAHA!). Waterproof Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara, again another favorite E.L.F product! I just love it that I use it everyday and my day would be incomplete if I left it at home. Rating for these products, 10/10!

Eyeshadow Brush and Blending Eye Brush. Two of my first ever and most favorite eye brushes! They are the ones that I use when I was just experimenting on eye make-up. I love that the hairs are so soft and can catch good amount of eyeshadow. These would have been 10/10 for me but what I didn't like about them is that the hair does easily fall off when you squeeze them after cleaning. But still a very good brush though, 8/10 for both brushes! 

How about you, which E.L.F. products are you using?!


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(Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post as I bought each one of the products. Thank you!)


Kaye Ortiz said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Try elf professional brushes! Pang MAC ang leveling and super cheap lang. :))

Kaye Ortiz said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Pati falsies try mo maan! :P

Gift Punzalan said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@Kaye Ortiz Baka yung falsies muna itry ko babe. may new brush set kasi ako from ate! haha! maybe something soon, pag kakailanganin ng panahon! hehe! :))