Thursday, April 12, 2012

Brush Sets to Love

One of my friend once told me that I am such a late bloomer for loving make-up at this age! Since at the age of 22 years old or even younger, some friends and relatives of mine are already an expert when it comes to beautifying oneself through make-up. Maybe one reason is that when I was in High School, where most girls start applying one, we are not allowed to roam around the school wearing red-kissable lips, rosy-rose cheeks, and very tantalizing eye. But I am not sure if they really have rules and regulation about that. It's just that I don't see any student wearing or applying make-up in the restrooms, no more than lip balms.  Maybe one other factor is that I am a freak. HAHAHA!

But those days are over! I am not saying that I am a make-up guru now, just an obsessed one! HAHAHA! So in this post, I will be showing my brush sets. :))

My first brush set is a Charm 14-pieces Travel Pro Brush Set. I bought this at The Ramp, Shangri-La Plaza Mall but they are available online here. I actually went to Shangri-La just to buy these brushes because I want to try them first before buying them just to be sure of its quality since it's quite expensive! But the quality is worth the price. The hairs are so soft. The length is just right, not too long and not too short for me. I also love the color, combination of black and bright pink, which is such a girly thing. The gorgeous case is also a plus. About the cons, the case is a little bulky so I have to use a large bag in order to bring this everyday. This is the reason why I bought my second brush set!

This is my Charm 8-pieces Holiday Brush Set as seen in my everyday must have on make-up post. I am such a fan of Charm Brushes since my first purchase. Their products are really worth every penny. It is also online available here. The need for a smaller version of the Travel Pro Set pushed me to buy these super lovable babies. This brush set is perfect for those newbies in make-up like me. Everything about this is superb, even the case where I can put my pressed, small eye shadow palette and lip balm which I can carry everywhere I go.

This is my third and last, but definitely not my last purchased as I am planning to buy a professional set soon. It is a 4-pieces Smokey Eye Brush Set from Suesh (you can also avail online here). I bought this set because I am a self-confessed addicted to smokey eye. I love doing it with every color palette that I have. But I haven't actually tried going out with those kind of attention-seeker eye make-up but I hope one day I can.

There it is, my brush sets. This are not all my brushes, I also have individual brushes which I will be blogging soon! Would you guys help me decide what brand to buy next?! Thanksie! :))


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lovely sets :)))

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wow you got a bunch of make up brushes there! :)
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Hi dear! I have another giveaway!
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