Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shopping Galore, Broke Much!

I really don’t know what happened to me last week but I became really to addicted to fashion bloggers and shopping.

First, the Bloggers United event. Happened last friday (May 23, 2011) at the Malayan Plaza Hotel, Ortigas.
Proof of entrance (so cute, SMILEE)

Ooopppppsss! That’s me strolling around, looking for good buys!

I came with my friend Jessica of!

With blogger Mrs. Lloyda Lim-Tan of She’s the reason why we got in for free.

With the very pretty Ms. Camille Co of She’s so beautiful! Me is equal to envious!

With the very classy Ms. Laureen Uy of!

We went home early because of the damn rain.

But before going home, we tried Mondo Juice. Available at SM Megamall and Ali Mall.

I got Detox!

Aika’s (Jessica’s nickname) choice!

Upon arriving home, I was so excited to view all the things I bought from the event.

All that I bought!

Bag from Ms. Lissa Kahayon of

Ring from Ms. Ana Gonzales of

I won Ms. Marj Sia contest on Twitter (of! Yay! But I haven’t actually opened it yet!

Earrings from Mrs. Ava Te of!

And, a skirt from Mrs. Lloyda Lim-Tan of

Kudos to all the organizers. Some more please! :))

Weeeee! Yay! :))


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